4th Industrial ®-Evolution

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We are changing humanity and it happening now

IPHO, where all possible are real !

We are in the process we are transforming humanity,

As Human we are part of a global organism, with misunderstood power. When we act together we have a tremendous force to solve about anything. We believe in humanity as a whole, and by consciously participate to our synergized actions we are not repeating history but writing our future.

What do you wish for humanity ?

For practical purpose, we organize ourselves under a common umbrella (#IPHO) this allow us to gather resources and funds for the projects we support.

Don't stay put, co-create the solution with us

We are already located almost everywhere

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For the local government and society we operate as a not-for-profit moms and pops private corporation.

Where as on the blockchain world we are full registered as a self-governed business.

In order to operate under a life friendly jurisdiction we have claimed our homes and lands sovereign territories : in other words we are a virtual country with its own governance, we don't have a "physical" territories beside the ones gracefully registered by the members of our communities.

Do we have a considerable influence over local legal system, still in the physical world we do need to obey the physical world laws, however we have full sovereignty on the virtual side as we have full ownership of our virtual lands and we all have to abide by the natural laws we value.

our currency


here is why ?

Our Operation

Our physical headquarters are in Switzerland, and our operational cost is 32000/yr. This means we need to generate 200/day of value so don't hesitate to order anything from us. If you do so you will know that your funds are put at good use.

Let be realistic, we need you as much as you need us to thrive on the long run.

Hang out around our projects page or check our shops ! And also talk about us around you grow the network