Facebook Annonymous

Internet Addiction

Remember we live in the physical world, drop your phone and meet one another.

Exactly the same as dangerous common addiction (internet, drug, alcool, sex).

I have been using computers since it's introduction to public, however I owned a PC since 1999, I have acknowledged the birth on the internet at the university in its ealry implementaton in 1989

And yes I admit I spend to much time online at home and at work, that why if you want to get out and have a walk in the forest give me a buzz.

here is a video that illustrate very well the problem (courtesy boyinaband) danger of internet addiction

what creates the disorder:


Therapie using these applications below:

now imagine we rewrite facebook css to simple remove all the likes or simply suppress the notification,
no likes no need to return ...

Voila !

How to turn notification off : check this. maybe we can even remove the little red notification counter using some css code, I will let you know once I found out.


we noticed a difference between social browsing, social searching ... searching more rewarding than browsing as unpredictable results

Call for all of you ...

There is a place for you in the real world, so come and let's meet for an exchange in a coffee shop.