Federation of all our efforts


In order to have a sgnificant impact we need to reach a critical mass which will tip the balance. And one way is to synchronized our effort locally arround the globe !

We rely on all small actions from people like you to independently improve your world arround you, and planning them together will give them the reach you'd like them to have.

How to face and challenge the big industrials and governemennts when we seems to have very little control ? as a individual we might find lots of resistance, and believe the amount of energy is not worth wasting, as we may have to preserve ourselve . However all together we have an incredible pour to drive the change.

Together we will move mountains

Together we’re joining forces to create a better place and thanks to you we’re more powerful than we could ever be on our own.


we are working on multiple projects depending on our individual talents, it there is a project you like, we will be delighted it you can give us a hand. so in no particular order :

A few networks we are involved in...
Initiatives we encourage and support
more at AHE
Where do you fit ?

You internally beleive you have am mission on this planet, join us, we will help oneanother to realize our full potential

do you beleive you are starseed, a lightworker, or guardian. as many of us are alike. so we welcome you with an open heart.

Some starseeds are Arcturian Starseeds and Pleiadian Starseeds, where do you come from ?

And if you don't know your origin, we welcome you too with the same warmth, we are all One part of the same organism Humanity ......