Principle is simple: we want to create and amplify the spread of Happiness.

How we do it...

we seize every opportunity to be kind and help eachother. and when we do so we give a coin with a smiley on it.

This coin can be "spend" only by repeating an act of kindness and passing the coin along with the instruction to propagate the process.

As a result we can observe the avalanche of happiness all arround.

How to mint your happycoin ? we have a tutorial here.

Coin Registration

You have the option to register your coin, and watch it speading happiness in the world... you simply have to publish your story with your coin code and #happycoin tag, then you tell the people to write their story too, mentionning the same coin number.

Read more about happycoins and other coins at GC-bank on our site: http://ahe.heliohost.org/happycoin .