New Earth Post
Lausanne, CH - Thursday August 30, 1978 - Three Pages

Today, everything is zero, or at least in the becoming.

Yes there is a FREE meal

Indeed we are currently shaping a society where it cost zero to exist and thrive, and this is exactly the opposite of what capitalism is trying to convinces us

what is (almost) free ?

A new era of abundance

Near-Zero Margin Economy
Zero Pollution
Zero debts ...

I am working to provide free credit to every living being...

How we will get there

we need a new economy, and way we do commerce ... here is what we propose in a first time

  • Local money
  • HappyCoins
  • Graticoins
  • wouldn't it be nice if we generalize this model ? corruption and crime will instantly disappear we will live without stress or in fear of scarcity

    it would be like being worry free as we were kids again, we would be able to be who we allways wanted to be, true to ourselves.

    You don't believe it is possible, come and try, because it easier done than said.