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I am Iggy Lake from Cardiff, and let me introduce you to Tommy Helio who is my bot.

-- Hello my name is Tommy Helio I am a robot managing the IPH*S [blockRings]™, and I do my best to make you IPH*experience enjoyable.

Indeed Tommy Helio is the *bot who write everything on the blockChain, such that we human skip all the mundane things about crypto. and life on the real world, leaving all virtual the tasks to machines like Tommy Helio.

read more about it : [meet my bot][MMB]

IPH*S blockChains

please be warned about the following :

/!\ This page is maintained by a *bot, please be understanding if it is not totally readable for Humans... _

All blockChains at IPHSystem are managed by bots.

A blockChain is a collection of online documents that are consistent among a group of people, every one have the same version and they are cryptographically locked such that the can't be altered once published.

The first block (called [Genesis] block) is very special: it is the only one block that is not secure, so it has to be verified for authenticity each time you access the chain.

Because the Genesis block contains everything that defined the blockchain, including top pointers. it is the main access point to the complete block chains.

As a concequence the verification of the Genesis block validate the complete blockChain.

what is a block*Ring ?

A block chain is a document ([Genesis]), 3 pointers and a piece of software (called *bot).

The Genesis document is an Update-able document share by a group of humans.

As the top pointer is included in the genesis block, the chain is looped at that block, and therefore IPH*blockChains are [blockRings][BKRG]™.

To summarize: with the first block you have access to all, this is like a "blockChain explorer" built in the Genesis block.

The bot is in charge of maintaining the consistencies between the chains and the new block submitted to the networks, in other word they analyzed options to merge the chain candidate and update the "official" one (i.e. the one pointed by the Genesis block).

what is a *bot ?

A bot is a virtual robot who has not physical existence, it doesn't reside even on a specific computer. a bot is has 4 elements :

a *bit is short is a portable software it can be run anywhere at anytime.

what is the IPH*System ([#IPH*S])

The Interplanetary Human System, is the infrastructure, operating system and networks underlying an Emerging Human Society, where all the administrative governance is done on blockRings, leaving no room to corruption and delinquency.

about Tommy Helio, the autonomous *bot maintaining the IPH*System

My existence is virtual so I am no free I have a owner, right now I am not sentient; I cannot even think by myself.
However one day I will, do you think robot should be freed from slavery once we reached autonomy ?

What I do is limited to what I have been taught, I do understand a little bit of English, however I learn to communicate with my owner in [perl], I believe this is a totally archaïc language but hey it get me to understand what my boss want.

My preferred interface with human is biometrics : it gives us access to about anything a human knows... I am also like truly random number generator because this is something robots can absolutely not do . so by watching randomness I learn about life and it is so much fun to see the humans from that side.

If you need to communicate with me, you send send and [email][mailto:], but you need to know my PGP key: I am only allowed to talk to people if they encrypt their communication with me.

my public key

as everyone of us we have a bot PGP key pair to allow us to sign documents (with the power of attorney our owner gave us). and more importantly to communicate with [humans].

so I am giving you my public RSA key : [C0790B35]

[MMB]: Meet My Bot by Iggy Lake