bitcoin list of video (courtesy Youtube)

you can watch any of these videos here, other lists are available too : youtube-list

  1. -z1jqMgp1NU The Deadly Bitcoin Mistake You Are Probably Making (youtube)
  2. 0L8MHXwCNsU Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners 6: blocks and mining, content and creation of bitcoin blocks (youtube)
  3. 0TIMjYD9jew Edward Snowden Stand For Something (youtube)
  4. 1N9eGrC4y1g Bitcoin TAX Myths! How to Avoid the Headache with Cointracking (youtube)
  5. 1WdojLolvrE Has Bitcoin Finally Bottomed? Shocking Prediction. (youtube)
  6. 2-4ayi2D8uI "Mark Karpelès - Le baron du Bitcoin" - CRIMINELS 2.0 (youtube)
  7. 22enYTvC80k Bitcoin as an Investment - Doug Casey (youtube)
  8. 2hwsyp9Tnls Bitcoin scaling - Andreas Antonopoulos | Institute of Cryptoanarchy / Paralelní Polis (youtube)
  9. 2zKXq9_v9EE (?v=2zKXq9_v9EE)
  10. 31ITJO-95iQ DIY Bitcoin Lottery with a Raspberry Pi (youtube)
  11. 3z6NoICPcm0 (?v=3z6NoICPcm0)
  12. 4QxOUwG8a2Y Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners 9: Bitcoin difficulty, target, BITS - all you need to know (youtube)
  13. 4rZGtP4PiW4 The Bitcoin Vs Ripple Debate - Banks Buying Cryptocurrencies As Investments - Podcast 007 (youtube)
  14. 68J_ousXGGU How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization : Distributed Consensus (youtube)
  15. 6LxsofIujcw What a bitcoin fork actually is (youtube)
  16. 6U7TVidO944 can hashgraph make Blockchain Obsolete? warren buffet and bitcoin/Intel partners with Ledger (youtube)
  17. 8cCVAs1Nd7Q Japan made bitcoin a legal currency - now it's more popular than ever | CNBC Reports (youtube)
  18. 8d4Of_17lP4 BitPay – Accept Bitcoin Payments (youtube)
  19. 8iF1O2GYbak (?v=8iF1O2GYbak)
  20. 8zVzw912wPo SF Bitcoin Devs Seminar: Scaling Bitcoin to Billions of Transactions Per Day (youtube)
  21. 9BdO396PIZw Potential BULL RUN?? (youtube)
  22. 9wvov6zXi54 WINGS Platform: Bitcoin, DAO crowdfunding, Forecasting & Swarm Intelligence, Smart Contracts (youtube)
  23. BoBEzQrWQqg 4 Biggest Bitcoin Myths | Is it too Late to Buy Bitcoin? (Cryptocurrency PT. 1) (youtube)
  24. DP9D3nTrM5w (?v=DP9D3nTrM5w)
  25. DyAufA2lWn0 Bill Gates: Bitcoin Is Exciting Because It's Cheap (youtube)
  26. DyVrZeLcvx4 Will other CryptoCurrencies see the 10,000x gain like Bitcoin? (youtube)
  27. Em8nJN8IEes Bitcoin Transaction Details - Part 1 (youtube)
  28. FrfY6xj0GFg Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners 5: Bitcoin wallets, how to transfer bitcoins using BreadWallet iOS (youtube)
  29. Gc2en3nHxA4 What is Bitcoin? (v2) (youtube)
  30. GmOzih6I1zs What is Bitcoin Mining? (youtube)
  31. GtKhYx2Vlb4 Andreas Antonopoulos - Great speech on Blockchain vs. Bitcoin in front of Consultants, 10/2016 (youtube)
  32. HFq0mQTrgzU ep 10: Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners: Basic analogy part II - distributed, untrusted participants (youtube)
  33. IMJmd_tNhlM The Bitcoin Phenomenon -2019 (youtube)
  34. IOiI4FyDsC8 Bitcoin and Ethereum: The Lion and The Shark - Andreas M. Antonopoulos (youtube)
  35. J-ab9was1p0 Blockchain Explanation (youtube)
  36. JHMEq_ikcv4 (?v=JHMEq_ikcv4)
  37. JRB-3AriLXI ICO's Update! Numiv, SFI, Ethconnect & Steneum! (youtube)
  38. Kjtgp5h-jEY Bitcoin 101 - The Nightmare of a 51% Attack - Part 2 - How to Destroy Bitcoin (youtube)
  39. KrP8zyIlTAU Bitcoin is History In The Making - Mike Maloney (youtube)
  40. KuHD0hMj3nI Scaling Bitcoin to Billions of Transactions Per Day | Joseph Poon & Thaddeus Dryja | SF Bitcoin (youtube)
  41. L3ZJy__8akE Trader of Futures (youtube)
  42. LA9A1RyXv9s Disrupt Conference - What is Bitcoin? (youtube)
  43. LsQd9xrdpSg $1,000,000 Bitcoin is Conservative! -Bix Weir (Hump Day Interview) (youtube)
  44. Lx9zgZCMqXE How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood (youtube)
  45. MDKnG54qTvc Why Bitcoin Cash Won't Replace Bitcoin & How It'll End (youtube)
  46. Mjw-CDUzMXM The bitcoin bubble has popped, but here's why that's good for crypto: Coinshares (youtube)
  47. MpfvhiqFw7A The Lightning Network Explained (Litecoin/Bitcoin) (youtube)
  49. OSA1pwlaypc Bitcoin 101 - Multi-Signature Addresses pt2 - Spending, Protocol & Coding (youtube)
  50. PVo5wCSnmSs Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution | Full Documentary (youtube)
  51. Q6bhXa2-pZc Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Ripple - Which is Better? Which Will Win? (youtube)
  52. RWeIEFBrItE What's new in Bitcoin Core 0.12 - Jonas Schnelli, Core Developer - Zürich (youtube)
  53. SWVaf7UeLoA (?v=SWVaf7UeLoA)
  54. S_ggWqQfb0s (?v=S_ggWqQfb0s)
  55. T2zH-T_hmLs Andreas Antonopoulos: How bitcoin is changing the world - Internetdagarna 2017 (youtube)
  56. T_hBhymFfm8 Why do Banks Fear Bitcoin? (Bitcoin Documentary) - [] (youtube)
  57. UVVjlYz-YeM John McAfee The Worst is yet to come for US banks, Cryptos will soar, expect Bitcoin to hit 500,000 (youtube)
  59. Us_Og3JeXiI Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners 3: public/private keys, signatures... and first ever transaction (youtube)
  60. W7nt5FynDw8 RFID, Blockchain, AI, Bitcoin - The Truth Will Shock You! (youtube)
  61. WFIZFc4GCMg Can 1 Bitcoin Make You A Millionaire? (youtube)
  62. X3qSHcbSnLU Bitcoin and blockchain: global development game changers? (youtube)
  63. Xy7zVGQvw1o ANALYSE - QUE SE PASSE-T-IL AVEC LE BITCOIN ? - 9JAN (youtube)
  64. Y6MVPH76QR0 (?v=Y6MVPH76QR0)
  65. YIVAluSL9SU The real value of bitcoin and crypto currency technology - The Blockchain explained (youtube)
  66. YZEVZ1FfjL8 Bitcoin & The Tax Man ☠💰💣 How The IRS Catches Tax Cheats (youtube)
  67. YcS92TqHDsQ BITCOIN 2017-2025 ANALYSIS (youtube)
  68. ZaLbemUcdc4 Ripple Jumps 37% In Price And Bitcoin To $600,000 A Coin - 052 (youtube)
  69. ZfYOU9AJoJo All about the ZF 9HP 9 Speed Automatic transmission (youtube)
  70. a53YgjlGM2c At the Speed of Money: How Cryptocurrency Will Transform Everything | David Morris | TEDxTampaBay (youtube)
  71. aaTchHpdpIo ep 12: Bitcoin locking and unlocking scripts - syntax and basic concepts (youtube)
  72. ad9eMaUBwpg $50,000 Bitcoin? - Mike Maloney (youtube)
  73. bi2thGzzNSs Bitcoin 101 - The Nightmare of a 51% Attack - Part 1 - Calculating the Costs (youtube)
  74. biQImJmvQPQ John McAfee "Bitcoin to $500K" (youtube)
  75. bmyvCG53_sA How Ripple Plans to Take on Bitcoin (youtube)
  76. c_5ugxh_62U Thriller Podcast - EP103: Who Framed Roger Ver (youtube)
  77. dO9rnQEMHjc Daily Update (3/26/2018) | Bitcoin slips lower and conflicts hit Monero (youtube)
  78. e__m-w4N7NI Bitcoin Song - "Bitcoins in Argentina" theme. (youtube)
  79. fqT-3xN8npA Bitfury successfully tests Lightning Network on Bitcoin mainnet (youtube)
  80. fty0reBgXdU Bitcoin is the real Disruptor - Mastering Bitcoin | Andreas M. Antonopoulos (youtube)
  81. g0m9fJB6H3Q Hashgraph, Iota, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Fiat, Oro (State of the Art) (youtube)
  82. g2nXgK34HIM Bitcoin 101 - Modelling the Price of Bitcoin - Is a $100,000 bitcoin possible? (youtube)
  83. h8iBKbubCxM The TRUTH about BITCOIN ! (youtube)
  84. hwel3L6IZnc How Bitcoin Futures Will Affect Price (youtube)
  85. iqyLByXUksg Why Bitcoin's Price Continues To Rise (youtube)
  86. ir4dDCJhdB4 ep 13: How is bitcoin "locked" to an address - OP_CHECKSIG, locking scripts, signatures, UTXO chain (youtube)
  87. j7opj5-32hw Bitcoin For Beginners - Learn How To Mine Bitcoin ! - Part 1 (youtube)
  89. l1si5ZWLgy0 Introduction to Bitcoin (youtube)
  90. l6Obc_cJba4 Bitcoin cash ‘CEO’: We won’t need banks anymore (youtube)
  91. l9jOJk30eQs How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (Technical) (youtube)
  92. lNCZwyozlR0 Bitcoin Futures Launch Today | Here's what you need to know (youtube)
  93. mPM3Yj6nEfg (?v=mPM3Yj6nEfg)
  94. niRpDsflYAc Bitcoin Target $30,000 for 2018? (youtube)
  95. oOHH0fXMCfU Will Bitcoin Reach $120,000? Billionaire Says YES! (youtube)
  96. oSP-taqLWPQ The Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Explained (youtube)
  97. oWhzlaymNIk Novogratz Talks Cryptocurrencies and Regulation (youtube)
  98. oxwMnqFNq9M Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners 2: Hashing, blockchain networks, blockchain browser (youtube)
  99. q0V_9rm3TJ8 John McAfee: Buy Bitcoin Now! (No bubble) (youtube)
  100. r1GOeDdZVD8 Bitcoin Futures: Good or Bad for Cryptocurrencies? (youtube)
  101. rI9sPa6ulTc Beyond bitcoin: The future of blockchain and disruptive financial technologies (youtube)
  102. rMGHO90zwhw Ripple Cryptographer David Schwartz About Malleability In Bitcoin (youtube)
  103. s4g1XFU8Gto Bitcoin explained and made simple | Guardian Animations (youtube)
  104. sE7998qfjgk Andreas M. Antonopoulos: "Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin" [UCL] (youtube)
  105. sKnsDjtXPsU Top 10 Skins Moments (youtube)
  106. sZuxHSM8p-Q Ledger Hardware Receive Address Attack | Protect Your Bitcoin (youtube)
  107. uKsFDx3Ujzc Bitcoin Giveaway - Countdown To Futures Launch With Us Plus Market Analysis (youtube)
  108. uOC9SE6T-M Bitcoin Needs A Miracle... Is This It? (youtube)
  109. uZlDpQpC2pM (?v=uZlDpQpC2pM)
  110. uxcNtQ_slLo 21 CEO, Balaji Srinivasan presents: How To Get Bitcoin (Without Mining or Buying Bitcoin) (youtube)
  111. uyoABcfdyAA How the Bitcoin Bubble Will Pop (youtube)
  112. v90SN7_0HhQ (?v=v90SN7_0HhQ)
  113. vGnH-Od1lJM Futures - How it will affect Bitcoin prices! (youtube)
  114. vj-ceQZn58I Scaling Back Slightly in Bitcoin and Ethereum (youtube)
  115. w4HGVJjqDVk The Truth About Bitcoin (youtube)
  116. wHL0MO4Dqmk Why I am buying bitcoin at $10000 (youtube)
  117. wjzLB7E5CHI Is Bitcoin Guaranteed to hit $1 Million by 2020? (youtube)
  118. wuGzzvthMKo Why Bitcoin Will Change Everything (youtube)
  119. xeSfDbbcN2c Dash: The Bitcoin Address: A. M Antonopoulos 'What Bitcoin Means For Unbanked Economies = M14E02' (youtube)
  120. xwA2TkcAQgQ Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners 1: Basic analogy part I (youtube)
  121. z0MdbdyWP8Y Should You Trade Bitcoin Or Just Buy & Hold? (youtube)
  122. zIbUSaZBJgU Bitcoin 101 - Multi-Signature Addresses pt1 - Coding This Major Security Improvement (youtube)
  123. zmod24MilZY How bank Blockchains can work without Bitcoin (and miners) (youtube)