fintech list of video (courtesy Youtube)

you can watch any of these videos here, other lists are available too : youtube-list

  1. -GLlTTBsLNA Suze Orman - Unbelievable Easy Ways to Get Rich Fast! (youtube)
  2. -SEIxadvMrI How To Prepare For The Coming Cryptocurrency Bear Market (youtube)
  3. -SMliFtoPn8 Dan's Intro to How Ethereum Works (youtube)
  4. -z1jqMgp1NU The Deadly Bitcoin Mistake You Are Probably Making (youtube)
  5. 0d0EKlD7q9w Si l’échange est libre, où est la monnaie libre RMLL2017 (youtube)
  6. 0o4YBzNOYZs L'Effondrement Économique Mondial *** (documentaire à voir absolument) (youtube)
  7. 1B9NHs8sRa8 Les Mardis au Rolex (Advancement of Humanity Effort) (youtube)
  8. 1qZdRm8eH00 Blockchain: The Greatest Paradigm Shift Of Our Generation (youtube)
  9. 22enYTvC80k Bitcoin as an Investment - Doug Casey (youtube)
  10. 2Cm9zeCeHfs Conférence - Stéphane Laborde - Monnaies libres, monnaies non libres, quelles différences ? (youtube)
  11. 2hwsyp9Tnls Bitcoin scaling - Andreas Antonopoulos | Institute of Cryptoanarchy / Paralelní Polis (youtube)
  12. 2iF73cybTBs The Blockchain and Us (2017) (youtube)
  13. 3PdO7zVqOwc Alex Tapscott: "Blockchain Revolution" | Talks at Google (youtube)
  14. 3lIo9ndqzgk Why you'll NEVER make money trading Forex. Trust me I'm a 30 year veteran. (youtube)
  15. 5r21UuTMa8A CRYPTOCURRENCY Prediction site NEUROBOT 04 10 2017 (youtube)
  16. 6P97r9Ci5Kg Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself with Dr. Richard Wolff (youtube)
  17. 6WG7D47tGb0 What Is Blockchain? (youtube)
  18. 6YHiuZeWyrE Block-chain Notary Service, (youtube)
  19. 6aiQbRIElrg VICE Founder Shane Smith Interviews the Visionary Behind JUNGLETOWN (youtube)
  20. 6m7rcdti8fg BILLIONAIRE Bets $100,000,000 On Blockchain (youtube)
  21. 7NSNEhpQkcM ETHCONNECT NEW ICO 24 10 2017 (youtube)
  22. 8cCVAs1Nd7Q Japan made bitcoin a legal currency - now it's more popular than ever | CNBC Reports (youtube)
  23. 8d4Of_17lP4 BitPay – Accept Bitcoin Payments (youtube)
  24. 8zVzw912wPo SF Bitcoin Devs Seminar: Scaling Bitcoin to Billions of Transactions Per Day (youtube)
  25. 9krAQzN6tbc Blockchain Smart Contracts in Any Language with Tendermint TMSP (youtube)
  26. 9s93uFphPb8 THE WORLDS BIGGEST PROBLEM | Richard Branson, Elon Musk & Don Tapscott (youtube)
  27. 9zSPKYvZth4 The Herd Is Coming - Billionaire Mike Novogratz (Ethereal Summit San Francisco 2017) (youtube)
  28. A1Vbrxkqjwc New Kids on the Blockchain | Lorne Lantz | TEDxHamburgSalon (youtube)
  29. BnvbwieAr5s ALL OUT WAR (BNB 2014) (youtube)
  30. CUQiYrc9tWc Doug Casey On Trump, Cryptocurrencies, the Coming Collapse and the End of Western Civilization (youtube)
  31. CVuVlk2E_e4 Money, happiness and eternal life - Greed (director's cut) | DW Documentary (youtube)
  32. DyAufA2lWn0 Bill Gates: Bitcoin Is Exciting Because It's Cheap (youtube)
  33. DyVrZeLcvx4 Will other CryptoCurrencies see the 10,000x gain like Bitcoin? (youtube)
  34. FdES5UZxCrs SALT Lending ICO / Whitepaper - Crypto Backed Loans, How Does It Work & Why it Has Much Potential!!! (youtube)
  35. Fdg1kvv__X8 Lil Uzi Vert - XO Tour Llif3 (Official Music Video) (youtube)
  36. G3psxs3gyf8 19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt (youtube)
  37. G6VtsOUwWgs "Cash is going away. But... Is it?" - Andreas Antonopoulos (youtube)
  38. GB4s5b9NL3I Capitalism will eat democracy -- unless we speak up | Yanis Varoufakis (youtube)
  39. Gc2en3nHxA4 What is Bitcoin? (v2) (youtube)
  40. GmOzih6I1zs What is Bitcoin Mining? (youtube)
  41. GtKhYx2Vlb4 Andreas Antonopoulos - Great speech on Blockchain vs. Bitcoin in front of Consultants, 10/2016 (youtube)
  42. GyNXedeCyNg Ripple Explained with David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer of Ripple Labs (youtube)
  43. HQiSU8iC4E0 Ep 2: A.I. in Banking, Fintech Trends and Disruption #MakerZone (youtube)
  44. HuxxOB2_GVY Bitconnect Here - ICO pick of the year? 1 million a week goal? San Diego Crypto Lyfe (youtube)
  45. IJBOcNO_SKY Desert Blockchain - Scott Anecito - Monero and Crypto - 2017-06-28 (youtube)
  46. IMJmd_tNhlM The Bitcoin Phenomenon -2019 (youtube)
  47. J-ab9was1p0 Blockchain Explanation (youtube)
  48. JHMEq_ikcv4 (?v=JHMEq_ikcv4)
  49. JRB-3AriLXI ICO's Update! Numiv, SFI, Ethconnect & Steneum! (youtube)
  50. JdaOLeZ9jdc Where Can I Hide if the Global Economy COLLAPSES? Locations, Threats, Preparation! (youtube)
  51. JueUvj6X3DA 11 Passive Income Ideas 😴 (Proven Ways to Make $1,000+ Per Month) (youtube)
  52. LA9A1RyXv9s Disrupt Conference - What is Bitcoin? (youtube)
  53. LBjn619_xLg (?v=LBjn619_xLg)
  54. Lx9zgZCMqXE How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood (youtube)
  55. MDKnG54qTvc Why Bitcoin Cash Won't Replace Bitcoin & How It'll End (youtube)
  56. NLlooQpdomY Kieser Report: Unacceptable audit work (E1248) (youtube)
  57. PGTSTlaVn64 Andreas Antonopoulos - The Death of Money (youtube)
  58. PQnoSXRX4Fw Crypto WILL Explode Soon | The Facts (youtube)
  59. PdSEpQ8ZtY4 La Théorie Relative de la Monnaie par S. Laborde (2014) (youtube)
  60. QpaTOvAhLR4 DEVCON1: Digital Identity - Christian Lundkvist (youtube)
  61. QrLr7MdyyLg Bitcoin and the Blockchain Will Stomp Out Wall Street Fraud (youtube)
  62. RWeIEFBrItE What's new in Bitcoin Core 0.12 - Jonas Schnelli, Core Developer - Zürich (youtube)
  63. RplnSVTzvnU How the blockchain will radically transform the economy | Bettina Warburg (youtube)
  64. RrFSO62p0jk The real truth about the 2008 financial crisis | Brian S. Wesbury | TEDxCountyLineRoad (youtube)
  65. SMEOKDVXlUo Blockchain vs. Bullshit: Thoughts on the Future of Money (youtube)
  66. SPdUAw-Fpco?list=RDwgwYU1Zr9Tg See Highlights From Savannah Guthrie’s GWU Commencement Address | TODAY (youtube)
  67. SWVaf7UeLoA (?v=SWVaf7UeLoA)
  68. S_ggWqQfb0s (?v=S_ggWqQfb0s)
  69. SuFKONsatkc What You Weren’t Taught About Making Money | Sarah Potter | TEDxCollingwood (youtube)
  70. SukK7fCjs-k Introducing NEM and it's cryptocurrency XEM | A Revolutionary Blockchain Project (youtube)
  71. TWLkP2OPNfA Where to put your money in case of financial collapse? (youtube)
  72. T_hBhymFfm8 Why do Banks Fear Bitcoin? (Bitcoin Documentary) - [] (youtube)
  73. U5kIdtMJGc8 The mathematician who cracked Wall Street | Jim Simons (youtube)
  75. WnEYakUxsHU Blockchain is Eating Wall Street | Alex Tapscott | TEDxSanFrancisco (youtube)
  76. X3qSHcbSnLU Bitcoin and blockchain: global development game changers? (youtube)
  77. XUQJvMALfUA Distributed Consensus Making Impossible Possible - Heidi Howard - JOTB16 (youtube)
  78. XcGh1Dex4Yo 97% Owned - Economic Truth documentary - Queuepolitely cut (youtube)
  79. Y6Ev8GIlbxc HUAWEI Y6 UNBOXING & HANDS-ON (youtube)
  80. YcS92TqHDsQ BITCOIN 2017-2025 ANALYSIS (youtube)
  81. Z2R7sy-77q0 Warren Buffett On Investing In Sectors & His Buying Advantage (youtube)
  82. ZkkfZUOBPns The Great Crypto Paywall Of China Is A Blueprint For The West (youtube)
  83. ZrFrXFdRW4k Hashgraph Introduction - Live @ TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco Distributed Ledger Technology (youtube)
  84. _Iisu0snIL0 "Keep an OPEN MIND to INNOVATION!" | #Cryptocurrencies (youtube)
  85. _wmGzKjEYvU IGM Exploration Gold 2013 (youtube)
  86. ad9eMaUBwpg $50,000 Bitcoin? - Mike Maloney (youtube)
  87. b0AUitfnkHI Gold, Silver, & Bitcoin, the Ultimate Trifecta as a Diversified & Elite Investor (youtube)
  88. bA4TDo2PWvA A Review on Litecoin for 2017 (youtube)
  89. bTGGDpJ60qQ Ethereum Price Prediction For November. Want To Know When It's Going To Reach $1000? 🍾🚀💎 (youtube)
  90. cRDTIx6mu2E Mythbusters banned from speaking about RFID chip by Visa and Mastercard (youtube)
  91. ccVotS4CKpM SALT Lending: Next Big Idea in Crypto (youtube)
  92. cgrJw_v5XP8 Nomi Prins: Biggest Currency Reboot in 100 Years (youtube)
  93. dnuiYa5Lpkk ACE bank (youtube)
  94. e__m-w4N7NI Bitcoin Song - "Bitcoins in Argentina" theme. (youtube)
  95. eiAYwatLe4Q The Blockchain as a Trojan Horse - Michel Bauwens - COALA's Blockchain Workshops - Sydney 2015 (youtube)
  96. fJr2RO7g7jI Is Capitalism Moral? (youtube)
  97. g4Fwdr_rfEQ The Collapse of Bitconnect & Tether is Coming (youtube)
  98. g54UfSwVeW8 (?v=g54UfSwVeW8)
  99. gJpoQ19u2_Q Safex Token /SafeX Cash Review + Interview w/ Creator (youtube)
  100. gKRbNC2_vwA Fireside Chat with PayPal Founder Max Levchin (youtube)
  101. h8iBKbubCxM The TRUTH about BITCOIN ! (youtube)
  102. iI_raPlEUeA Will Lightning Kill💀 Dash and LiteCoin? / Update On BIP91 SegWit Activation via BIP141 and Segwit2x (youtube)
  103. iqyLByXUksg Why Bitcoin's Price Continues To Rise (youtube)
  104. j7opj5-32hw Bitcoin For Beginners - Learn How To Mine Bitcoin ! - Part 1 (youtube)
  105. j_-Q7KUN1_4 Get your BitSlap (youtube)
  106. k53LUZxUF50 Blockchain: Massively Simplified | Richie Etwaru | TEDxMorristown (youtube)
  107. kex7FIRfuoQ Monero Price Prediction, Analysis and Forecast (2017-2022) (youtube)
  108. khgS2HrOhzw Create Your Own Bank - MUST SEE - How To Invest Like The Ultra Rich (youtube)
  109. kvjstlFaxUw Révolution monétaire : débat entre Etienne Chouard, Stéphane Laborde et Jean-Baptiste Bersac (youtube)
  110. l1si5ZWLgy0 Introduction to Bitcoin (youtube)
  111. l9jOJk30eQs How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (Technical) (youtube)
  112. lDhcDQMa5-g ETHConnect - ETH Connect - HUGE ICO PRE-LAUNCH...!!! (youtube)
  113. lNCZwyozlR0 Bitcoin Futures Launch Today | Here's what you need to know (youtube)
  114. lXwPeiD0cvs Are millennials financially doomed? (youtube)
  115. lqXXO0GGNRI Basic Income, a new human right (youtube)
  116. nQZUi24TrdI The Blockchain: A Revolution You Need to Understand (youtube)
  117. niRpDsflYAc Bitcoin Target $30,000 for 2018? (youtube)
  118. pPgd7Hj3ABQ The future of money | Neha Narula (youtube)
  119. pVu55Ylp2ho Sprott Money News Ask the Expert August 2017 - Nomi Prins (youtube)
  120. qn13TIhoYUY How To Notarize On The Blockchain (Proof of Existence) (youtube)
  121. r43LhSUUGTQ Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes (youtube)
  122. rI9sPa6ulTc Beyond bitcoin: The future of blockchain and disruptive financial technologies (youtube)
  123. s6ZFteZ61nA Teaching about money in a cashless society | James Bergin | TEDxAuckland (youtube)
  124. sE7998qfjgk Andreas M. Antonopoulos: "Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin" [UCL] (youtube)
  125. sFWkEZaJpGc Getting deeper in the understanding of the EARTH DOLLARS. With David Kam and Steven Kiley (youtube)
  126. sV5Oree2FWM What happens to money when there's no cash?: David Lindberg at TEDxCanberra 2012 (youtube)
  127. t6m49vNjEGs How the rich get richer – money in the world economy | DW Documentary (youtube)
  128. tFmof_wq1xw The Long Shadow: Europe After World War One (WW1 Documentary) | Timeline (youtube)
  129. tXBwcedQuQ0 (?v=tXBwcedQuQ0)
  130. uAKg9fRmluU 31 AG BNS 2016 Q compte de financement souverain Blaise (youtube)
  131. uKsFDx3Ujzc Bitcoin Giveaway - Countdown To Futures Launch With Us Plus Market Analysis (youtube)
  132. uyoABcfdyAA How the Bitcoin Bubble Will Pop (youtube)
  133. v90SN7_0HhQ (?v=v90SN7_0HhQ)
  134. vj-ceQZn58I Scaling Back Slightly in Bitcoin and Ethereum (youtube)
  135. w6adVQrSUAc Why Capitalism Works (youtube)
  136. wD_3-awAHyc Ne plus payer d'impôts après 2018 avec ou sans expatriation (youtube)
  137. wHL0MO4Dqmk Why I am buying bitcoin at $10000 (youtube)
  138. wJB90G-tsgo How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich | Tom Ferry (youtube)
  139. wfPccGCifms New Era in Distributed Computing with Blockchains and Databases (youtube)
  140. wgwYU1Zr9Tg A Simple Explanation of Hashgraph with Pictures (youtube)
  141. wuGzzvthMKo Why Bitcoin Will Change Everything (youtube)
  142. xcVbxi4pJK4 Ask an Expert: What are Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallets? (youtube)
  143. xeSfDbbcN2c Dash: The Bitcoin Address: A. M Antonopoulos 'What Bitcoin Means For Unbanked Economies = M14E02' (youtube)
  144. y2X7c9TUQJ8 How To Multiply Your Time | Rory Vaden | TEDxDouglasville (youtube)
  145. z0MdbdyWP8Y Should You Trade Bitcoin Or Just Buy & Hold? (youtube)
  146. zRRiOnv3C-I How Blockchain Technology Works (youtube)
  147. zmod24MilZY How bank Blockchains can work without Bitcoin (and miners) (youtube)