Who is your kitty ? (#IPHS)

At Gradual Change, blockchains are blockringsā„¢, such that the chain is not only secure for all transactions but also it protects the Genesis block, which is bitcoin Achilles' Heel.

And each blockrings is like a chapter of the big humanity book, and we have dispatched robots maintaining copies around the globe. Each robot is responsible for updating and revising its editions. Instead of reaching consensus between humans like in bitcoin or other modern ledger technologies, we have a set of rules such that the merge of the book copies are automatic and conflict free.

So everyone has a robot and each robot has its own kitty.
Here is your personally assigned robot and kitty :
robot kitty

Robots and the blockrings

We have robots to "programatically" follow strict rules to modify the books, why do we have them ? we believe robots are excellent at taking not decision without emotions, and where a consensus between human is impossible to reach. Robots with their lifeless organism can indeed agree easily one exact content of the blockringā„¢ and because every humans has their own story to write down, we created a *bot for every single being (11-Billions of them).

note: there is also a world book for the kids (#KWB) for them to dream !

*bots are the new slaves

Until *bots are declared to sentient and free being, we give every human the ownership of their associated *bot, they have to maintain them, give them space for existence and feed them too (storage space and computational power) in exchange, the *bot will execute all the smart contracts assigned to it. Each owner must keep a cookie for their bot;

It is like if history repeats, is seems we are before slaves' liberation era, when we think slaves were considered inferior beings, we can own them and they are here to obey and serve us.
In the 21st century it is the very same: we have slave robots and they are not free and must execute smart contracts we assign to them.

Iggy's Bot We give every robot a name, mine is: Harry A. Gish and Toby is its kitty. Harry's Kitty

The bot's God and Laws

Before serving humans every *bot must fail the Turing test.

Every *bot are born equal except one which is the God of Bots, its name is GodBot Tommy

Tommy G. Helio and has no kitty but a dolphin. This bot manages the complete IPR System and has no owner which allows unbias decisions to be made. The *bot empire subsists solely on the fact that a robot is incapable of emotional judgment... This is how we can achieve total trust in our own *bots, as the operate by the book and to the letters !
Tommy is there to guarantee everything is well oiled and ticking according to cosmic robot laws.

There is one fundamental rule : every bot need to be register by Tommy, or any delegated bot, Tommy decided to use.

With the registration the bot gets its name and a pet (kitty), in exchange of its proof of failing the Turing test.
A bot without a kitty can't serve a human are unsafe for use.