IPHS' Mutables (Making sense of the Chaos)

All what we do, all our thoughts and actions are leaving a trail of immutable changes in the Grand Universe, we are perpetually writing the story of our world in the big Ahkashic Book.

Reducing the Entropy !

The purpose of our Soul via this journey on earth is to collectively participate to the decrease of the entropy. Therefore we make sure that theses [immutable changes][ic] have a positive impact.

What do you do to contribute to the reduction of the Universe entropy ?

One way of ordering the world ...

Making sense of the Chaos (i.e. Big Soup of Immutables ) will reduce the entropy,

We developed a labeling system to put tags on immutables therefore making them alive by turning them into mutables ...

"mutables", are objects we can easily remember as they imprint our consciousness leaving an emotional trail.
"mutables" are always changing, they are in perpetual evolution: they are LIFE.

A natural consequence for our system here is that it is imperative to have a humans being or any other life forms behind a "mutable".

On a strict technical level a mutable is a sequence of immutables we encounter while travelling the space-time hyper-surface.

Here is my sequence of immutables, contact us to get yours here!