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Earth forcast for the next two decades : drastic frequency increase by 2037
population: 8 Bilion people;
opened hearts' ratio: 65% (1σ)
Gradual Change


NEW EARTH, Lausanne, CH - Thursday August 30, 1978 - Three Pages
Towards a new humanity


Welcome to G.C.M

GCM stands for Gradual Change Movement.
We are active in promoting societal shift enabling a more harmonious living on earth and beyond.
At GCM, we foster creativity and encourage every talents around to join force and contribute in their own ways.

Still uncertain about your role; you might want to draw a card and see what the oracle suggest you :)

Hot News :
  • Currenly recruiting: the core team for earth stewardship: please apply if you think big for our humanity, we looking for Coordinators to held meetings and organize our activities, or simply go hike with us ... in other words put some good energy to keep the love and momentum going : read more on we are hiring.
    We also pouring lots of ressources on getting our currency take off, so we invite to open an account at our ACE Bank
  • Starting Aug 1st : now you can dance any time you want: every evenings at Chemin de la Chiesaz, 8, 3ième étage, send us a whatapp 30 minutes in advance and show up, but better is to fill up the doodle (the formula is : Bring your shoes, drink, snacks, music, whatever you like).
And a lot more
Our Events:
Our Values:

We want to have the minimum values to enable us to "design" our future without limiting our freedom, still providing protection against violence and corruption and negative behaviors in general. so we pick 3 values to share with you

Our Focus:

We believe that with very little time, we can trigger impressive changes.

We are gradually transforming the world arround us. You can do it to with us!

Our imediate focus is to enable change within ourselves, we combat violence, corruption, polution in our thoughts first.
we also focus on expending our network to a workable group of 21 persons. we currenly planting the seeds and need to sprout !

We will be happy to have you on our side. Are you on my friends list ? it will be fantastic if you join us in your spare time, we don't need much more.

We promote :
  • respect for all form of life
  • federation of all existing initiatives inline with our values
  • A better use of our energy and sharing of common goods
  • A phase out of out-dated practices and all fossil industry dependencies and legacy
  • The eradication of all personal debts
  • A caring economy and collaborative labor
  • A Zero Pollution policy
  • A Zero Violence policy
  • Gender Peace Everywhere
  • 100% transparent and trustful communications
  • A Zero Pollution policy
  • 100% transparent and trustful communications
We protect :

moreover we protect :

We challenge :

All in all we are humans fed up with the current situation of our societies, are ready to make a change now. so check out our trello board

We also like to rant and complaints, display our emotions, and at time anger,

indeed we beleive most great thinks happend from a seed energy often channeled out of revolt.

We do changes when we are cornered or angry, don't we ?

It is important than we are not solely an online venue... the real world to be change is out there:

We do challenge the Status Quo and are making the Re(Love)ution.

We offer :

we are here to connect with one another and therefore we provide tools and means to meet and coordonate our action, via projects.

We would love if you could participate in some.

We organize weekly conferences Tuesdays on various topics; conferences at which we would be delighted if you could participate.
We are also here to gain awareness about the universe we live in,
and learn how to improve our life and happiness, becoming who we are born for.

There are educational material from the past exchanges available here so new comers are welcomed to peek!

We practice :
We change:
How do we change the world ?

We meditate :

You just randomly selected a meditation music just for you today out of this list.

We Live :

Changing the outside is an internal journey.

We are transforming the complete Universe with being who we are, as a live to the best of our abilities, we are pulling humanity to higher states, our little contribution leads to huge emerging behavior of the whole alive organism our humanity is. each one of us matters, thank for being with us alive and beautiful.

We are One:

Remember, this is also your page, every one here has a voice and can propose, improve and change every aspect of who we are, including this site...

So your opinion matters tell us how you want things to be!

We can try out our ideas here, however we beleive :
what is important is to take actions in our own abilities, like the little hummingbird. Together, we will see real change for sure.

Thank you for being with us.

We love you little-red-heart

About Us:

... more about (GCM) and about this site.
We do hold "Meetups", and have "Whatsapp", messenger groups, as well as a facebook page, if you'd like keep in touch with us.

We are part of Earth Nation and partner with multiple associations with the same mindset.

Note: music, tango and meditation materials : courtesy Youtube!

What Next:

We would really appreciate to get to know you.
We are delight to have you here, do contact us now, we are eager to share, and collaborate with you on great projects. let's get together, and start doing what we love.

The best way to reach us initially is to use Whatsapp via the link : or even have a quick video chat here first.

we do run other chat rooms: